Halló everyone! This is me, posing in the crisp 33 degrees hot springs water and soaking in what Iceland has to offer. There are many topics to discuss on this part of my trip, but I’ll get straight to the point because everyone wants to know: What are the top places to see and do in Iceland (while taking some Instagram-worthy photos), what am I wearing and where you can get them.  There’s a lot of areas to cover during my stay in Iceland, which is why I’ve divided into three parts. Enjoy the ride as you follow the TravelStyleBug!

Blue Lagoon


This was definitely one of the highlights of my euro trip. We stopped at one of the 25 Wonders of the World, the Blue Lagoon, where my friends and I got to enjoy some R & R and a sip of wine in the fresh hot water, straight from the volcanoes. We got there bright and early, 7am to be exact, which is 45 minutes away from downtown Reykjavík or 20 minutes from the airport. This is the perfect destination if you’re coming into Iceland from a long journey or your last pit stop on the island before you fly back into reality (a.k.a. your boring life). It was 4 degrees that day so you could probably imagine how freaking cold we were walking into in the hot springs, especially with me wearing my skimpy speedo outfit. It felt like a water amusement park for adults with a sauna, steam room, waterfall wall (another perfect Instagram worthy photos) and a place to hang out with your friends. Spend no more than 4 hours and you should feel like you’re on cloud 9, especially applying the silica and algae masks.


Adidas Black Speedo (www.adidas.com)


When you check in, make sure you get the Basic Plus which includes a towel, unlimited locker access, algae mask and an alcoholic drink (most important) for 50 Krónas VS just the towel and locker access for 35 Krónas.

Also, definitely invest in purchasing a waterproof phone case or get a Go-Pro (if you don’t have one already). The waterproof case cost 20 Krónas, but you can easily buy one at http://www.aliexpress.com for $3-4 dollars.




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